It is at the discretion of Van Du Vin if we choose to enforce our cancellation policies. We will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis. Our goal is to be fair, but also we need to be able to pay our staff.

By booking a tour with Van Du Vin you agree to the following conditions regarding cancellation or changing tour dates.

Cancellation policies

You can cancel your tour and receive a refund if you provide more than 21 days' notice. The refund will incur a fee of 2%, which covers the booking fee we are charged when you book using our online system and a $25 admin fee per booking.

If you cancel within 21 weeks of your tour date but before 48 hours of your tour departure date and time you will incur a 50% cancellation fee of the full booking amount. If we manage to rebook your tour, we can offer a refund of the total booking amount, minus a 2% fee to cover the booking system fee we are charged and a $25 admin fee.

If you cancel within 48 hours of your tour departure or are a no-show to the arranged departure location, your cancellation fee will be the full booking amount.

Cancellation policy per guest

If we are notified before the tour that the number of guests on a booking is less than booked, the price of the tour can be adjusted to the new number of guests. Our tours are based on a sliding pricing scale, so the cost for fewer guests usually means the price per person increases. The difference will be refunded.

For example, booking a tour for 6 guests at $200 per person is $1,200. If 2 guests can't make it, then the per person rate is the rate for 4 guests, which is $225 per person. So the new tour total is $900. The amount we refund will be $300.

If we are not made aware before the tour then we are unable to provide a refund as all bookings have been made for the booked group size. Some of the bookings for lunch or wine tastings are paid for in advance, so we are usually at a loss when group sizes change last minute.

Change of tour dates

You can change your tour date to another available date before 21 days of your booking. Email us at to arrange this.

We are unable to change your tour date within 21 days of your tour schedule as a tour guide would have already been assigned to your tour.

If VAN DU VIN need to cancel your tour

In the rare event that we are unable to take you on your tour, we will offer you a full refund of the amount paid, a credit to rebook or the opportunity to rebook to another date without any fees.

COVID-19 cancellations

We no longer offer a special cancellation policy for COVID-19 cancellations. We have tried to make our cancellation polices above flexible and fair enough to cover all situations in the current climate. However, if you notify us before your tour that you are ill, or unable to travel for your tour due to quarantine or newly introduced travel restrictions, and you wish to cancel your tour booking, we can rebook your tour to a later available date or provide credit to book later. This will incur a 15% cancellation fee of the full booking amount.

If we can fill your cancelled tour with another booking, we will waive all fees.

If we are not notified and you are a no-show, the fee is the full booking amount.

If you would like a refund, the standard refund policies apply as outlined above.